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During climates of division and cultural challenges, Zeno Wellness Group provides integrative guidance in navigating stressors, trauma, critical dialogues, and societal issues to professionals and organizations.  The benefits your organization will receive when working with Zeno Wellness Group include:


  • Knowledge – subject matter expertise, providing pathways for evidence-based wellness action plans and systems.


  • Inspiration – high energy, thought-provoking or therapeutic solutions to encourage leadership to adopt new concepts or conquer new challenges


  • Direction – a better perspective on how to move forward and assist with different implementations of calm.


We will also assist senior management and staff to analyze and improve their decision making, strategic planning, and business processes. Zeno Wellness Group aims to help you and your organization better understand the psychological imperatives that increase your potential for organizational and financial growth.

Business Meeting
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Health is complex and multi-dimensional. Rarely can one organization be successful in improving public health when acting independently. We are committed to working with a broad range of partners to share knowledge, maximize resources, and enhance effectiveness.​


We think “outside the box” and strive to be creative, resourceful and imaginative. We aim to inspire new solutions while also promoting existing strategies that are known to be effective. Growth and Change can be key.


Our commitment to honesty, respect, and reliability in our work and relationships is uncompromising. We are dedicated to high-quality work that honors our mission and those we partner with and serve.

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PerCilla Zeno
Founder and Principal

PerCilla Zeno, Founder & Principal, of Zeno Wellness Group, is a Certified Community Health Worker and a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.  PerCilla is also a  WRAP® Facilitator, trained under the Dept of Veteran Affairs and Chesapeake Department of Behavioral Health.  


PerCilla is a seasoned Executive and Entrepreneur, an energetically impeccable speaker, trainer, and published author whose book, I AM Healing; The 7 Secrets to Wellness & Self Care is currently being sold in bookstores and online. PerCilla is well versed in alternative medicine and is even certified in Energy Healing Touch Therapy. The Healing Touch modality is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


PerCilla is very passionate about personal and professional development, particularly work/life balance topics to assist agencies with supporting their most valuable resources, human resources.

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