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SOLUTIONS: Training & Skill Building

Team Members
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Knowledge paths for Professional and Personal Development:

Individual Clients: Enhance application of concepts with courses on a variety of topics relevant to including continuing education units and scenario-based learning. Our courses are developed alongside subject matter experts highly experienced in using evidence based approaches. 
Determine your personal learning path and gain new skills to create a new life of Personal and/or Professional Development.

Corporate Clients: 
We provide consulting in-house to attend your concerns from various industries such as Community Health Workers, Peer Recovery Specialists, Entrepreneurship, Better Team Players, Court Appointed Training such as Anger Management, Stress Management, etc.

Wellness series: Create an environment of safety and wellness for your staff and the individuals you serve so they can get the most out of their care.

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Court Appointed Wellness Training

All training opportunities are tailored to match our experience with your needs. Whether that is learning and incorporating:
- Stress Management
- Anger Management
- Cannabis and Driving
- Cannabis & The Workplace

or building a more inclusive workforce training for court and law enforcement. The Zeno Wellness Group team can support your growth with a wide range of modalities and trainings. 

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