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Zeno Wellness Group, LLC (ZWG) is a Small, Women AND Minority-owned (SWAM) for-profit government contractor who are eVA active through the state of Virginia. The company was formed in the city of Suffolk, VA in 2018. We are Virginia state-approved Trainers, Independent Contractors, and Registered Peer Support Specialists.


ZWG interfaces with small to large businesses, local, state, federal, and nonprofit entities providing employment workforce solutions, employee assistance programs, wellness support & prevention which includes informal non-clinical peer support services, soft skills training, and computer fundamental workshops for employees, clients, and their family members (18+).

Lack of understanding or knowledge has the potential to bring many bumps in the road, and get everyone off on the wrong foot. Often all that's needed is an organization that can deliver state-certified staff and qualified services to assist with providing the necessary health -or- educational resources and:

  • Provide simple training solutions, while supporting people to experience less distress

  • Provide comprehensive corporate wellness training programs in the areas of Mindset, Resilience, Agility, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Modification, while supporting people to find satisfaction and contentment in their life

  • Provide soft skills training to include Computer Fundamentals, while supporting people to have hope for moving forward and who can share a story of triumph from similar experiences.


Empathy can be understood as the ability to relate with another person through understanding their experience from their point of view, often referred to as a worldview. This is sometimes described as ‘being in someone else’s shoes.

ZWG is in a unique position to offer support to others to improve the quality of their lives.
The founder of ZWG has first-hand experience of what it looks and feels like to see someone lose their job, lively hood or life due to the lack of the right life-connections to ascend.

Our why is to build self-equity to help people sustain and excel in their work and family life, to continuously help people to develop their own goals, create strategies for self-empowerment, and take concrete steps towards building fulfilling, self-determined lives for themselves while showing empathy.



Percilla Zeno, Founder of ZWG, holds 100% shares in the company and has had over 26 years of hands-on experience in Training, Business Administration, and a combined total of 5 years of hands-on experience in Community Health & Support, Employment Education, & Alternative medicine healing & wellness. She is Virginia state Certified in Community Health, Peer Support Services, Energy Medicine, and is a Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services state-approved Trainer. PerCilla Zeno is also an internationally published author on wellness & self-healing.
Our founder in the past or currently serves as a part of the Community Health Workers Development Council for the state of Virginia, SAARA of Virginia Southside Hampton Roads Affiliate Board of Directors (Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance), Southampton County Wellness Coalition, and acts as the Executive Director for the 501c3 charitable organization
That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc.

With the Fiscal Sponsorship of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we are able to continue to support projects and communities in and outside the state of Virginia.

“Every plan starts with a template. Wellness is no different. So many want to live a well-life, but don't know where to start. Now we're committed to providing templates every day!”

Learn more about PerCilla Zeno, CEO & Founder

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“Every plan starts off with a template. Wellness is no different.
So many want to live a well-life, but do not know where to start. As a Parent of an adult child, I watched my son with no template suffer. At the age of 23, he lost his life. He could not obtain a job to sustain self-sufficiency due to his felony conviction, lack of soft skills and unhealthy behavioral practices. Now I'm committed to providing templates everyday!”


PerCilla Zeno,
CEO &  Founder,

Zeno Wellness Group, LLC




Clinical Resource Advocate & 

Staff Supervisor




Government Contract Spec. & Senior Health Administrator




Founder, Speaker & Trainer
Zeno Wellness Group, LLC.

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601 N. Mechanic Street #224
Franklin, VA 23851



TEL: 757-567-5854

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Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm


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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a new standard to employment education for those in and out of the workforce, by including Self-Care Strategies & Targeting mindlessness, to reduce recidivism and increase retention.

 In Honor of 
 David L. Rudolph, Jr.

1988 - 2011