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Substance Abuse Peer Recovery Services

Who Can Benefit?

Recovery Center
Group & Individual Services

Getting started with services and Peer Recovery Support does not require a referral to be admitted to the program.

However, referrals can be made by the following people - or - agencies:
- Psychiatrists or Therapists
- Any Healthcare providers
- Local Community Service Boards
- Community Partners

Family Support Services

Aside from providing Family Support Services, we also provide additional support in the community including linkage to:

- Community Health Workers
- Psychiatric providers
- Primary Care Doctors
- Marriage and Family Therapists
- Housing coordinators
- Local Community Resources

Telehealth & In Person Svcs.

No matter what services you choose, confidentiality is extremely important to us. 

We follow strict confidential guidelines
for all participants. No information
about any participant, including their
presence in our program can be
released or obtained without written

Those who can benefit from this program include:
- Serving Civilians, Veterans, Military & Spouses.
- Any person 18 years or older experiencing daily stress and functioning from a chemical dependency and/or a substance addiction.
- Participants with a readiness for change.
- Anyone with a primary substance use disorder and/or co-occurring disorders.
- Anyone that can benefit from a structured and protective Environment, yet does not need 24-hour care

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