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About Us

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Founder & CEO

About the Medical Practice

Zeno Wellness Group is designed for participants with chemical dependency and substance addiction who are beginning recovery.

The program allows participants to receive the help and therapy they need with minimal disruption to their lives.

Our Mission:

To equip our clients with the knowledge and support they need to make healthy decisions and provide a strong road map for long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol coupled with mental health challenges.

Our Approach

We believe that Recovery is Additive. So, by adding the coping skills and the necessary resources, we feel these things will be key in the journey to recovery. We use the six dimensions of the ASAM Criteria which explores an individual's recovery or living situation, including the surrounding people, places, and things. A person's needs are just as important as their will to recover from addiction.

Those needs could include: Resource links to Housing, Financial Assistance, Vocational, Educational, Legal, Transportation, and Childcare services.

At Zeno Wellness Group, we work hard to build strong resources and a supportive After-Care community that lasts far beyond treatment. We believe that, together, peer recovery support, empowerment, and fellowship produce actual results.

Why Choose Us?

Master's Level
Whole Health Needs Addressed
Peer Recovery
Family Support
Deep Dive Assistance
My Son: 
" Daygo "
1988 - 2011

Our Why :

Providing you with the best staff for the best care

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Meet Our Staff
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Stephanie B., LPC, MA.

Practice Management

Tressa C., LCSW, LSAC

Clinical Management

PerCilla Z., CPRS & CCHW

Executive Director & Business Acquisitions

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