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Peer Recovery Specialist

Franklin, VA, USA

Job Type

Full Time -or- Part Time

About the Role

Under the administrative supervision of the executive director, the Peer Recovery Specialist position is responsible for assisting members in meeting their expressed goals toward crisis resolution and maintaining wellness. Additional support in areas of advocacy and the connection to local resources will be provided as needed.

This direct service position is paid and at-will. The position will utilize lived experience perspectives and training to support patient care. The peer specialist will provide an avenue for active listening and provide messages of hope and recovery.


Education, Training and Experience:

A typical way of obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities outlined above is through graduation from High School or completion of the GED program. Varied life experience related to mental health. Licenses; Certificates; Special Requirements:

  • Virginia driver’s license & current vehicle insurance/registration if driving; and,

  • Reliable means of transportation capable of passing vehicle safety inspection if more than five years old, and excluding all modes of two-wheeled transport inclusive of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

  • Peer recovery support specialists must be willing to be trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary arrest (CPR). License/Certification: Must be willing to be certified in 30 days after training. FAX your Resume if interested!

About the Company

We believe that Recovery is Additive. So, by adding the coping skills and the necessary resources to our Substance Abuse Outpatient practice program, we feel these things will be key in the journey to recovery. We use the six dimensions of the ASAM Criteria which explores an individual's recovery or living situation, including the surrounding people, places, and things. A person's needs are just as important as their will to recover from addiction.

Those needs could include: Resource links to Housing, Financial Assistance, Vocational, Educational, Legal, Transportation, and Childcare services.

At Zeno Wellness Group, we work hard to build strong resources and a supportive After-Care community that lasts far beyond treatment. We believe that, together, peer recovery support, empowerment, and fellowship produce actual results.

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