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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Virginia, USA

Job Type

Full Time -or- Part Time

About the Role

Perform mental status examinations (and physical examinations, when appropriate) of patients to evaluate health and diagnose illnesses
Order and perform diagnostic tests, such as imaging and laboratory tests
Determine, plan, and initiate appropriate treatment, and adjust treatment if necessary
Prescribe and dispense medications
Document medical information of patients and maintain electronic medical records
Educate, instruct, and counsel patients and families on presenting health problems, treatment plans, and home care, and encourage and promote preventative health care and positive health behaviors
Request consultation or referral with other health care providers, such as physicians and clinics
Actively maintain knowledge of current medical research and trends
Schedule: Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 3:00 pm / Friday Remote 9a-12p
Supervised by: Executive Director (oversight of all medical affairs by Medical Director, but NP practices independently)


Education, Training and Experience: A typical way of obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities outlined above is through obtaining:

  • Graduate degree from an accredited nursing school, such as a Master of Science in nursing

  • A current license to practice as a nurse practitioner in the state of Virginia, with either FNP or PNP designation

  • DEA certification

  • minimum 2 years of clinical work experience

  • 2 years of psychiatric experience

  • Must be compassionate and personable

  • Ability to communicate effectively with patients and other medical staff

  • Strong leadership skills, self-confidence, and ability to remain calm in stressful situations

  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Exceptional active listening skills

  • CPR certification

  • ARNP (required) FAX your Resume if interested!

About the Company

We believe that Recovery is Additive. So, by adding the coping skills and the necessary resources to our Substance Abuse Outpatient practice program, we feel these things will be key in the journey to recovery. We use the six dimensions of the ASAM Criteria which explores an individual's recovery or living situation, including the surrounding people, places, and things. A person's needs are just as important as their will to recover from addiction.

Those needs could include: Resource links to Housing, Financial Assistance, Vocational, Educational, Legal, Transportation, and Childcare services.

At Zeno Wellness Group, we work hard to build strong resources and a supportive After-Care community that lasts far beyond treatment. We believe that, together, peer recovery support, empowerment, and fellowship produce actual results.

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